Friday, August 15, 2008

Alan Colmes lies again

You may know by now that last month that I called out Liberal talk show host Alan Colmes for his support of PETA. After that he posted a response addressed at me on his Liberalland blog that not very many people read. Well, yesterday he lied again. He said that most Americans are pro-choice (otherwise known in English as pro-killing of unborn children) which isn't true. In fact, a McCain supporter was on to challenge him on that. The supporter stated the fact that it's pretty much evenly split down the middle. 48 percent of Americans are pro-life like I am, and 48 percent are pro-choice like Alan Colmes and his friends at Media Matters for America are. Mr. Colme's arguments are offten times so incredibly ridiculous, that you'd almost think that he should be working for Keith Olbermann on Countdown. But at least people WATCH Hannity and Colmes, unlike Countdown.