Sunday, July 20, 2008

Alan Colmes mentions me on his LiberalLand blog

from Alan Colmes LiberalLand blog:

"Yes, I Support Peta, Proudly
July 20, 2008
Dustin Jolley decided to call me names because I “admitted” on the air that my wife and I support PETA, in the wake of their latest, great video campaign.

Alan Colmes, the Liberal half of Hannity and Colmes admitted today that he and his wife the (sister of Conservative radio host Monica Crowley) are PETA supporters. I always knew Alan was an idiot. But I never thought the he would admit to being a supporter of a left-wing, anti-American, anti-meat, pro-abortion, extremist, terrorist organization such as PETA. Thank’s for basically indirectly telling us that you’re secretly a vegan, Alan, as if I and anybody else wouldn’t have put it paseed you anyway.

Gee, I didn’t know that animal rescue, supporting spaying and neutering of pets, and alerting us to animal abuse is left-wing and anti-American. Unless, of course, only liberals and America-haters (not synonymous, Dustin) care for our furry friends. Nor did I know that PETA has anything to do with the pro-choice movement, or that they’re terrorist extremists. Did someone give you a conservative thesaurus? I love how people decide to make preumptions with no supporting facts. I’m not a vegan; not even a vegetarian; however, I do support PETA on key issues that transcend left-right politics. And that should earn me the name-hurling anger such a post displays?"

I must offer a response. First of all, Mr. Colmes. The fact that these PETA people steal lobsters from grocery stores as PETA member Edward Furlong did, the fact that they've thrown blood on people, the fact that they believe that animals are more important than human beings, the fact that they believe Jesus was a vegegatarian without any evidence, the fact that they stage demonstartions that disturb the peace, many of which are illegal, the fact that they're against seeing-eye dogs for the blind, all this and everything else they do makes them a terrorist organization. Also, just in case you didn't know, most of PETA's supporters, Ellen DeGeneres, Pamela Anderson, yourself, Bea Arthur, etc... are registered Democrats. So the fact that PETA calls itself a non-partisan organization is a laughable lie. Also, Igrid Newkirk, one of PETA's founders has said herself that she is an athiest, as are most of PETA'a supporters. Also, most, if not all of PETA's supporters are vegans.

And furthermore on another subject, why is it that every time a Conservative like me disagrees with a Liberal like you, that websites like Media Matters for America, The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, and people like you and Keith Olbermann of MSNBC have to accuse us of bigotry? That's not tolerance, especially coming from someone like you who in your own book, "Red White and Liberal" compared Conservatives to David Duke. News flash, I and almost every Conservative in America including your distinguished cohost, Sean Hannity despise David Duke as much as you do.


Anonymous said...

I am not an expert on terrorism, but I understand that it usually involves killing or physically injuring people. Whether or not you support the animal rights movement, its most radical members have never killed anyone, unlike certain right-wing extremists.

PETA does not think that non-human animals are more important than humans. PETA thinks that beings that feel pain have the right not to be subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering. Even if you believe, as many people do, that humans are the rulers of creation, this does not excuse the abuse of the most vulnerable members of creation.

I can respect that your definition of "life," as in "pro-life," excludes the vast majority of life, but please respect that others do care about non-human creatures.

I assume you will not approve this comment, as it disagrees with the politics of your blog, but please take some time to consider the cruel and unfair treatment that so many innocent non-human animals receive at the hands of humans.

Dustin Jolley said...

Sorry, "Anonymous," but wether you agree with me or not, the fact is that PETA is a dangerous, racist, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, terrorist organization that destroys and vandalizes human property. It's classified as such by the FBI and The United States goverment and is a partner oganization of The Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front which are both known terrorist organizations as well. And they don't respect human life either. Their founder has said that even if animal testing led to cures for such diseases as AIDS and cancer, that they'd be against it.

Anonymous said...

Would we support painful experimentation on human children or mentally retarded humans if it could result in a cure for AIDS?

Dustin Jolley said...

Nice try, "Anonymous," but the fact of that matter is that veganism and vegetarianism aren't really healthy lifestyles. Second of all, human life is important to the servival of the planet. We're not going to run out of animals any time so, either. Lastly, don't ever use the word "retard" on this site again!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely apologize for having used word that you find offensive. I did not mean it in a crude of insulting way.

However, you seem to have avoided the question, which was whether you believe that "inferior" mental capacity excuses cruel treatment.

One can eat meat and still not support unnecessary torture of a living, sentient being.

I'm not sure i understand how human life necessary for the planet's survival. I am not saying that i disagree, but please explain.

Dustin Jolley said...

Of course you can eat meat and be against cruelty against animals. However, that's not good enough for PETA because they oppose eating meat and any products made by animals such as eggs, milk, and cheese. The Bible says that man shall have dominion over the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air. And lastly, I didn't say that non-humans are mentally inferior. PETA and its supporters believe that humans are to blame for everything that's wrong with the planet, wether it be "global warming," or war. That's ridiculous. Animals fight all the time, so that pretty much kills that argument. As for "global warming," I don't really believe that it exists. But I'll save that for another time.

Mike said...

"Animals fight all the time, so that pretty much kills that argument."

*applause* Very well put indeed. Why, just the other day, I saw an army of grizzly bears with machine guns and helmets marching to war against the polar bears. And have you seen the picture. Even smaller animals are constantly at war; here's proof:

Anonymous said...

You have proven that you enjoy bashing PETA, but you still have not answered two questions. How do you justify vivisection? How is human life necessary for the survival of the planet?

Also, please clarify:
When you say that you don't believe global warming exists, do you mean that you don't think the climate is changing or that you don't think the change is caused by humans?

Dustin Jolley said...

"Mike," if you're going to be sarcastic, then go do it somewhere else, but not here! As for you, "Anonymous," I will not be accepting any further comments from you as you have been hateful and stupid in your comments. And as far as "global warming" is concerned, I don't believe in it period. I prefer to call it, "Summmer" like most intellegent people do.

david said...

The fact is, all commercially raised farm animals are abused. These things are all done without painkillers:

-Branding (try holding an iron against your arm at its hottest setting for about 5 seconds and see how that feels)
-Chopping off horns
-Cutting off tails
-Cutting (piglets') teeth with pliers
-Slicing off beaks
-Grinding up and suffocating male chicks
-Forcibly impregnating cows and sows (known in the human world as rape)
-Intentionally keeping dairy/veal calves weak and malnourished
-Killing runt piglets via slamming their heads against walls and floors

And these are just the practices that the industry openly accepts.

You can't be against animal cruelty while essentially paying someone to do this to animals.

Dustin Jolley said...

Bs! I have every right to eat whatever I want and PETA has no right to tell me otherwise what I have the right to eat and what I don't!