Thursday, September 11, 2008

7th Anniversary of 9/11

Today is the 7th anniversary of 9/11. Despite the best efforts of people like Keith Olbermann, this is a day we should never forget, no matter how much we may want to.


craig said...

I'm a little confused... exactly what has Keith Olbermann done to make sure Americans forget about 9/11?

Actually, you might be interested in reading Michael Scheuer's Imperial Hubris -- one of the (many, brilliant) arguments that he makes is that our constant need to "commemorate" 9/11 might be counterproductive in terms of convincing Islamic extremists that we mean business. His point of view (based on years of experience as a South Asia field agent with the CIA) is that they're likely to interpret that as a celebration of defeat -- not the kind of Stoicism that makes for a formidable enemy.

Dustin Jolley said...

I don't know. Perhaps the fact that he's accused Republicans of hijacking 9/11, and the fact that he believes that images of 9/11 shouldn't even be shown on TV?