Monday, February 16, 2009

Alan Colmes, at it again

Well, just when I thought Alan Colmes being off of Fox News would mean I would never see or hear him say anything extremly stupid and hateful again, I was wrong. He said on his LiberalLand blog today that Liberals like himself are rational, bascially implying that Conservatives like me are stupid. What a joke. What's so rational about a man like Colmes saying, "Conservatives would like you to believe that Jesus was the first advocate for the white man and looked like David Duke?" Hey, Alan, would it kill you to look in the mirror and realize that the real Nazis are on the extreme Left of your party, the Democats, the so called "party of tolerance" which is anything but tolerant of people who disagree with them on anything? Need examples? Here's some. In the mind of the Liberal:

1. If you're against gay marriage, you're a homophobe.

2. If you're black and a Conservative, you're considered a traitor to your race.

3. If you disagree with President Barack "Hussein" Obama in anyway, you're a racist nazi.

4. You can't compare Liberals to Nazis, but Liberal can compare Conservatives to Nazis all they like.

These are just a few examples, but I think I make my point. Alan, you'd make a great addition to Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC because, like you, he hates anybody who disgrees with him.

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Bubba01 said...

Completely agree, Dustin! What noone seems to see is that our country is spiraling toward socializm. We will no longer be a Democracy:(. At least we know the Lord is there, and all of this is totally biblical!:).

Thank you for your post.
Nathanael's mom, Mary